The Spring 2019 information will be announced soon. Check back later for more details.

Tournament Information:

Participants will choose their own division.
SANDBAGGING IS NOT ALLOWED. This means that you must pick the appropriate division for your current skill level so that you will be competing with girls on the same skill level as you. Dropping into a lower division in order to easily dominate the competition is against the spirit of this tournament. The divisions are meant to push you to improve.


Difficulty Range 8-12 難易度:8〜12
The Kind Lady is a beginner DDR player who is almost ready to break into the 13 difficulty. The stamina set won’t be exceedingly difficult, but it will test her ability to be consistent with timing through the entire set.



Difficulty Range 12-15 難易度:12〜15
The Paranoia Lady is an intermediate DDR player who can pass, or almost pass, a level 15. Some Paranoia Ladies might have also conquered a 16 already, but is more comfortable in the 13-14 range. The songs in this set will start to test your stamina, as well as throw some technical curveballs at you. The single 15 in this set of songs will be achievable, but might be a little tricky.



Difficulty Range 15+ 難易度:15+
The Ladymions are capable of passing 17’s. The stamina set is a mixture of songs that will test your limits. The single 18 in this set will be a challenge, but it certainly achievable for a Ladymion.