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A dark and mysterious version of Valkyrie has appeared, and she has begun creating shadowy clones of DDR girls. Evenly-matched girls must compete against their mirror images for either Team Light Valkyries or Team Dark Valkyries. Which side will prevail???

Defeating your ‘mirror’ will earn points for your team. Even if you are not a top-tier player, you have just as much opportunity to contribute to the team as the best players do! Each player is just as important as the rest. Team up together to bring victory to your team!

How it works
1. Get placed onto one of two teams
2. Get matched vs. one opponent on the opposite team
3. Get a set of three songs and submit scores as much you want over 4 weeks
4. Get another set of songs after 2 weeks
5. Earn points for your team by beating your opponent, getting full combos, and submitting scores early
6. The team with the highest combined score wins!

How To Enter
Unlike other Valkyrie Dimension Events, you must pre-register for this one.

Pairs will be determined by these factors:
1. Placement song scores
2. Past Placement and scores in Valkyrie Dimension (if applicable)
3. Current scores you’re sharing on social media

Placement Songs
Please play at least 2 of these song choices, preferably all 3! If you are certain you can’t even put a dent into that 16, you don’t have to do it.
Failing scores count and are important in determining an appropriate opponent for you!

Magic Parade Expert 10
Wicked Plastik Expert 13
On The Bounce Challenge 16



The ‘light’ and ‘dark’ sides will compete against their rivals to earn points for their team over a 4 week period. You may submit scores as many times as you’d like.

Rivals & Teams
You will be matched up with a “mirror” version of yourself.
This will be the person closest to you in skill level that also enters.
Rivals will be curated by Valkyrie Dimension staff.
You will be randomly put on either the “light” or “dark” team.
Your “mirror” will be on the opposite team.
No, you cannot request a team or switch sides with your opponent. Sorry!

You and your rival will get two unique sets of songs.
The first set will be revealed at the beginning of the event.
The first set of songs will consist of 1 song chosen by you, 1 by your opponent, and 1 random chart picked by card draw.
The song you select against your opponent for Set A still must present a challenge for you to score well on! Valkyrie Dimension staff may reach out to you to request a different song choice if they feel it may not be significantly challenging enough, or if it is an unlock.
•  The second set will be revealed at the start of week 3.
The second set will be ALL random card draws.
You can still submit scores for the first set of songs after the second set has been revealed.

You do not need to play the songs as a set.
You can play them as many times as you’d like in the time period given.
You must take a clear photo of the EX score with your DDR name visible.

The main objective is to beat your opponent in the 6 songs, but you can also gain bonus points depending on how well you do. You are earning points for your team’s total.

How to earn points for your team
Higher EX Score than your opponent in a song: 4 Points
Lower EX Score than your opponent, but it is within 3% or more of their score: 1 Point
Full Combo: 1 Point
Perfect Full Combo: 2 Points
MFC: 5 Points
Submit Scores for Set A in Week 1 (Feb 4 – Feb 10 11:59PM PST): 1 Point
Submit Scores for Set B in Week 3 (Feb 18 – Feb 24 11:59PM PST): 1 Point

Submit Scores by emailing


How do I submit scores?
Email photos of your scores to

Can I switch teams or rivals?
Nope! Sorry but we want to make the teams and pairs as balanced as possible. We can’t make it perfect, but we will do our best. Switching sides or pairs will unbalance things.

Can I submit another score for the same song if I play it again and improve it?
Yes! You can submit songs as many times as you’d like to.

How do I get the bonus for submitting early?
Email your scores to in the first week the sets are announced. You must submit all 3 songs to get the bonus.
Submit Scores for Set A in Week 1 (Feb 4 – Feb 10 11:59PM PST)
Submit Scores for Set B in Week 3 (Feb 18 – Feb 24 11:59PM PST)

Do I have to play the songs as a set in the same game?

If I submit a score early enough to get a bonus point, then submit another score later, does that bonus point go away?
No. As long as you submit any score within the bonus period, you will get the point even if you submit again later!

How do I find out who my rival is and what songs to play?
Here is the spreadsheet!

Am I good enough to enter this?
Yes! No matter what skill level you are, you can participate. You will be matched with the closest person to your skill level. Even if you can’t beat your opponent, you can still earn points for your team in other ways.

What do I get if my team wins?
Glory, fame, riches. Actually, this is just for fun. But, we hope that this experience will give you a new rival, new friends, and will warm you up for the main tournament in the Spring <3