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Valkyrie Dimension was inspired by the other women’s tournaments before it.

A big thank you to Lara (Shirtpiggypig), who started the all-girl In The Groove tournament Girlpocalypse, as well as the women who ran the tournament after her: Sarah, Steph, Celine.

The Pump it Up community also has an amazing women’s community all over the world. Shoutouts to Alex who started the all-women PIU tournament Bae5cience.

Thanks to everyone who paved the way for this tournament.

Thanks to the players who put their heart into this tournament.

Sarah and Amber has helped with the remote tournaments tremendously. From general advice and bouncing ideas around, they helped shape the direction of the tournament.

Amber is a shining beacon of light and positivity within the community. Her recent suggestion to start a mentor program really helped the community grow. We can always count on her for positivity.

Sarah is incredible. She’s smart, reliable, and level-headed. She has helped the community so much, and even donated the first tournament’s 1st place prizes, which started a tradition of giving out an extra special prize for each division winner.

Ann and Sarah worked so hard to bring Valkyrie Ascension to life. So much love, time, money, and sweat went into that tournament. Ann is an amazing TO and we are so lucky to have her. We couldn’t have asked for a better in-person tournament.

Thanks to Oryan for the front page video.

Oryangaming generously made us the amazing video that we use on the front page of the website. He also makes amazing videos for other DDR communities and tournaments. Make sure to follow him on Twitter.


Thanks to Kristin Wingate for the Japanese Translations.

Thank you so much for helping make the tournament information more accessible to our friends in Japan!

Thank you to all of you who donated to the fundraiser or purchased merch.

9 trophies, 3 big prizes, boss rush pins, and other extra goodies … it all adds up. Don’t get me started with the cost of shipping everything around the world.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the fundraiser or purchased shirts, tanks, pins, or leggings. I hope that we can keep providing cool prizes for the talented girls who push themselves in the tournament.

Thank you so much.

Thanks to everyone who supports the tournament in small ways.

Some things may seem like small gestures, but all of these things add up into one amazingly supportive community.

Recommending the tournament to your friend, suggesting a new rival, voicing your support, having us as podcast guests, including women’s and nb divisions in your tournaments, and countless other kind things people have done … thank you all so much!