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ARENA 2020


Will the Valkyries or Light or Valkyries of Darkness be victorious?

1. Qualifiers will determine who is your rival is.

2. You will be placed on the opposite team of your rival.

3. Two giant teams will form from these rivalries.

4. You will get 3 songs at the start, and 3 more 2 weeks later.

5. Over 4 weeks, compete against your rival for points.

6. The team with the most points wins!



Song 1 – TBD
Song 2 – TBD
Song 3 – TBD

Songs do not have to be played in a single set.
Failing scores count.
You must submit scores for ALL 3 songs, even if they are fails.


+ To Enter, you must have access to DDRA or A20, have an eamuse pass, and identify as a woman/femme-identifying/leaning person.

+ Complete the qualifier songs between date and date, take photos of your best scores, and upload them with the form below.

+ You will also be asked to pick a song for the first round.

+ This song can be any difficulty you’d like, but we encourage you to pick something that is a challenge for you. For example, instead of picking that level 8 you can PFC every time, maybe pick that tricky 14.

+ You might be asked to change your song pick if your opponent does not have access to it. This can include formerly unlockable songs, and gold cab exclusives. Some people do not have access to DDRA20 or a gold cab. Please keep this in mind and have a back-up choice prepared in case you are paired with someone who has limited access.

+ You may update your qualifiers by emailing OR posting the photos in our discord. You may update your qualifiers as many times as you’d like. We encourage you to try them a couple times and submit your best effort.

+ Registration will be closed 04/02/2020

Registration Coming Soon


  • When qualifiers are over, we will pair up each participant with the person closest to them in skill.
  • We will also take previous tournament placement, other scores, and eamuse data into consideration when making the rival pairs.
  • You will randomly be placed on the Light or Dark team, and your rival will be on the opposite.
  • In your registration, you will give us parameters for song selection, and your sets of songs will be randomly drawn using that data.
  • Arena has two rounds and two sets of songs. Each set of songs is unique to each pair of rivals.
  • In round 1, you will have the opportunity to hand-select one of your songs. Round 2 will be all randomized.
  • To earn points for your team, beat your rival in the selected songs. You will also be able to get various bonus points for your team by submitting early, getting different types of full combos, or getting very close to your rival’s score.
  • Every score counts! A few EX points can shift the entire tournament!



March 14 – April 2

  • Register for Arena 2020 and complete your qualifiers.

Week 1

April 4 – April 10

  • Rivals, Teams, and Song Set A are announced, and the tournament begins.
  • Submit your first score sets before 04/10 11:59 pm EST to get a bonus point.

Week 2

April 11 – April 17

  • Still accepting scores for Set A.

Week 3

April 18 – April 24

  • Song Set B is announced.
  • Submit scores for Set B before 04/24 11:59 PM EST for a bonus point for your team.
  • Still accepting scores for Set A.

Week 4

April 25 – May2

  • Accepting songs for both Sets A & B
  • Tournament officially ends 5/02 11:59PM EST.


  • Each player has equal value for their team. If you are a beginner or top-tier player or anywhere in between, your contribution to the team is the same potential amount.

  • You earn points per song, depending on how you did against your opponent.
  • We will be using EX scoring.
  • If you submit any score in the first week, you will receive the bonus point. If you submit a score again, you will still keep your bonus point no matter what.
  • However, you can only get the other bonus points for one submission.
    For example, if you have 1 score that is 500 EX with 1 miss, and another score that is 450 EX with a full combo, you could either submit the higher EX one, or the Full Combo score to get the bonus point. You can’t have both. Sometimes, it makes more sense to submit the lower EX score and get the bonus point.

Scoring Example below.

Player 2 may only have won 1 of the 3 songs, but since they submitted early, got a PFC, and got within 3% of their opponent’s score on one of the losing songs, they were able to still earn 9 points for their team.

Light ValkyrieDark Valkyrie


I want to update my qualifier scores, can I do that?

Yes, it’s encouraged! You can email them to or post them in our discord channel.

Can I request to be on a specific team or have a certain rival?

No, sorry! We have to plan the teams carefully so that they will be as evenly matched as possible.

If I submit early to get the bonus point, then update my score later, will I lose the bonus point?

Nope! As long as you submit scores for all 3 songs within the bonus time, you will get the point no matter what!

What is the 3% EX bonus?

It’s basically partial credit if you almost beat your opponent. For example, if your opponent scores 600EX, you could score between 582 and 599EX and get a point!

Do I have to play the songs in the same set/order?


Am I good enough to enter this?

Yes! No matter what skill level you are, you can participate. You will be matched with the closest person to your skill level. Even if you can’t beat your opponent, you can still earn points for your team in other ways!




The winning team will all get an exclusive shirt with their team’s logo! Please note that designs are not final and may be changed slightly.

To get the shirt, you must submit a score for all 6 songs in your sets. If you happen to be on the winning team, but did not submit anything, you will not be eligible for the shirt.

When the tournament ends, the winning members will fill out a form to gather their size and address.

The shirt and shipping are free.