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Select your division

Valkyrie Dimension has 3 divisions. Please refer to the qualifications below to determine which division you should be in. Failure to place yourself in the appropriate division will result in disqualification.

The division requirements have changed from the previous tournament. 


Kind Ladies

You may be in this division only if you have NOT achieved ANY of the following:

Passed 2 or more level 14’s
Passed any level 15 or higher
AAA any 13 or higher
PFC Any 12 or higher

LEVELS 12-15

Paranoia Ladies

You may be in this division only if you have NOT achieved ANY of the following:

Passed 3 or more 17’s
Passed any 17 with 875k or higher
Passed any 18 or 19
Passed any 16 with a 960k or higher
AAA any 15 or higher



You must be in this division if you achieved any of the items that would boot you out of Paranoia Ladies. If you were in Ladymion last time and no longer meet the requirements, you can choose to stay in this division, or move to Paranoia Ladies.

Stamina Set

  • A Stupid Barber 9
  • Beautiful Inside 10
  • Into your Heart 11


  • Forever Sunshine 8
  • Din Don Dan 10
  • Super Star 12

Boss Rush (optional)

  • Ha-le-lu-jah 12
  • Bass 2 Bass 12
  • Frozen Ray 12

AAA Challenge (Optional)

  • I Feel … 8
  • Jam & Marmalade 8
  • Mars War 3 8

Stamina Set

  • Angelic Jelly 13
  • 地方創生☆チクワクティクス 13
  • 黒髪乱れし修羅となりて~凛 edition~ 14


  • はなまるぴっぴはよいこだけ 12
  • 恋はどう?モロ◎波動OK☆方程式!! 14
  • Cleopatrysm 15

Boss Rush (optional)

  • Unbelievable 15
  • Kimono Princess 15
  • MAX 300 15

AAA Challenge (Optional)

  • Help me, ERINNNN! 12
  • Sephirot 12
  • Break Down! 12

Stamina Set

  • Elemental Creation 17
  • Truare! 16
  • Gaia 16


  • DDR Megamix 15
  • Magnetic 17
  • Come to Life 18

Boss Rush (optional)

  • Maxx Unlimited X-Special 18
  • Pluto Relinquish 18
  • Healing_D_Vision 18

AAA Challenge (Optional)

  • Paranoia KCET Clean Mix 15
  • Air Heroes 15
  • Arrabbiata 15


By submitting scores, you are stating that you are eligible to enter this tournament, that your scores have been obtained within the specific allowed time period, that your scores were obtained by you personally, and that you have read all rules and division requirements and placed yourself accordingly.

Please email photos of scores to
Or Join our discord and submit them in the #tournament_scores channel

You may update your scores once per day.


Qualifications for Participation

1. You must have access to DDR A or DDR A20
2. You must identify as a woman.
3. You must have an eamuse pass.

  • There is no pre-registration.
  • There are no qualifying songs.

Entering the Tournament

  • To enter the tournament, you must simply submit scores for your appropriate division within the time frame.
  • If you have previously placed first place in Kind Ladies or Paranoia Ladies division, you my NOT enter that division again – you must move up.
  • If you have placed 2nd or 3rd in Kind Ladies or Paranoia Ladies TWICE, you must move up a division.
  • Scores must be obtained within the tournament time – 9/14 – 10/21 11:59 PM EST
  • Old scores will not be accepted.
  • You must obtain scores on YOUR eamuse pass. You cannot play on a shared or borrowed card. All scores must be from your exclusive card.
  • Acceptable score submissions are either photos of results screens, or eamuse app screen shots.
  • No other form of submission is valid.
  • You can either submit scores through discord using the #tournament_scores channel, OR by emailing them to

Valid Screenshot Requirements

  • You must clearly show the song title or jacket, and difficulty
    You must have your eamuse name in the photo (machine must be ONLINE)
  • You must show the EX SCORE
  • You must also have the photo of the RESULTS screen for the STAMINA SET for your scores to count.

Placing yourself in the appropriate division is very important.
If you are found to be dishonest about your abilities in order to compete in a lower division, you will be disqualified or asked to move to the appropriate division. If you meet the requirements for a higher division while the tournament is going on, that’s ok. What matters is your accomplishments prior to entering.

We reserve the right to make appropriate judgement calls about a player’s ability if they are not an experienced DDR player, but an experienced ITG player. We will place competitors based on their abilities in other 4-panel games if they are new to DDR A/20.

We reserve the right to eject competitors for inappropriate conduct. These rules of our community also apply to the tournament.

Playing the game

  • You must play on DDR A or DDR A20 only.
  • You cannot play on StepMania, or older versions of DDR.
  • All turn mods, note skins, and speed mods are legal. You may use any option from eamuse (slow/fast, arrow styles etc.)
  • You cannot disable hold arrows, or use CUT.


For the 3 “single” songs, you can play them with any other songs in your set. Play them as many times as you’d like.


For the 3 “stamina” songs, you MUST PLAY THEM IN THE SAME GAME.
Your 3 scores count as a WHOLE. Submit your set with the highest COMBINED SCORE.
For example, if your first attempt had the EX scores: 500, 300, and 700, score = 1500.

If you get extra stage, you can attempt one of the songs again if you’d like, and the higher score will count.
You must play the 3 songs in a row. You are NOT allowed to play a song that is not in the set in between the tournament songs if you get extra stage.
You can play the stamina set in any order but they must all be played together, in the same game, one right after the other.
You must also take a photo of your results screen that shows you played the songs in the same game



9 total trophies will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each division.

First place winners

The first place winners in each division will also receive a custom black bomber jacket with an embroidered Team Valkyrie patch on the back.

Boss Rush

Each division has it’s own set of Boss Rush challenge charts. Play the 3 designated songs in a single set to win. Score does not matter, but you must pass each one.
In order to win a pin, you must also enter the main tournament.

AAA Challenge

Each division has it’s own set of songs for the AAA challenge. You do NOT have to AAA each song in a single set. You simply must score a AAA on each of the songs within the tournament time frame to win. Winners will receive an iron-on patch.

Team Valkyrie Set

Play the 3 songs on any difficulty with another Valkyrie entering the tournament. To win this prize, you and your partner must both also submit scores for the normal tournament. Completing this will award you a holographic Team Valkyrie sticker.

Receiving prizes

Prizes will be mailed to you via USPS. When the tournament is over, a link to a google form to collect your mailing address will be issued.