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Galentine's Day Card Draw

A Mini-Card Draw Event for February!

Galentine’s day is the wonderful day before Valentine’s day where you get to celebrate your best gal friendships!

For the month of February, our monthly challenge will be a card draw!

One Sided Love ESP 10
Max Love ESP 13
Love Your More ESP 16

Submit your qualifier scores now until Jan 28th using the Google form here

You can pick to be matched with 1, 2, or 3 Galentine’s matches!
On Jan 30th, your matches will be revealed! You will get a set of 3 songs picked via Card Draw according to the parameters set by you and your opponents.
Make sure that if you pick more than 1 match that you have time for all of these gals~

You have until February 13th to submit your final scores!
The songs must be played in a set. You can replay the set as many times as you’d like.
They can be played in any order.
You can replay a song in extra stage.
EX Score will be used.

Fine Print: You will be matched to the closest person possible. If you pick 2 or 3 matches, I cannot guarantee that you will get more than 1. It depends on who else is looking!! If you select multiple, you might get someone ranked a bit higher than you. You can also do DOUBLES. You can DM TheGalagaShip on Discord about your doubles skill so we can attempt to properly match you if you’re interested.