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Can Non-Binary / Gender-Fluid / Non-conforming or Intersex People Participate in Valkyrie Dimension?

Absolutely. We recognize the complexity of gender identity. Participation in Valkyrie Dimension is your choice, and we respect that not every non-binary person may wish to join because of our feminine focus and theming. Our community primarily comprises cis and trans women, and our environment reflects this with feminine branding, themes, and the term ‘Valkyries’ referencing female mythological warriors. If you’re comfortable and interested in this setting, you’re welcome to join.

Joining Valkyrie Dimension doesn’t imply that you identify as a woman, nor do we view any non-binary people as inherently feminine. 

Your identity is yours alone, and we won’t police or question it. You won’t be excluded based on your appearance, expression, or stage in any transition. We embrace all players who feel aligned with our community’s spirit.

This space is dedicated to fostering friendship, friendly rivalry, and camaraderie, particularly among women in gaming spaces, which have historically been male-dominated.

Including non-binary and gender-fluid individuals doesn’t change this focus; rather, it adds a richer diversity to our community. We recognize that gender identity is a spectrum, and those who identify outside the traditional binary, yet feel connected to aspects of our community, are welcome. 

Our community thrives on diverse experiences and perspectives, enhancing the sense of belonging and understanding. Each member, irrespective of their gender identity, contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of Valkyrie Dimension.

We acknowledge that some might not find that our feminine-focused messaging and atmosphere aligns with their identity. No matter your identity, you are still absolutely welcome in our community spaces, like our Discord server. It’s important for us to clarify that while our events focus on feminine themes, our community space is open for support, friendship, and connection for all who respect and appreciate the space’s intent, even if they choose not to participate in the events themselves or call themselves “Valkyries”.