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Ann Nakamura


San Jose, CA 🇺🇸
Spring ’18 – Rank 10
Fall ’18 – Rank 8
Rival code: 5140-8779
Twitter: @GreatDameCygnus

“A long-time music game and arcade enthusiast, Ann hopes to become one of the best female DDR players in the world, and to inspire others to play the game as well.”


Amber H.


Seattle, WA 🇺🇸
Spring ’18 – Rank 6
Fall ’18 – Rank 4
Rival code: 5145-8686
Twitter: @nuggety

“Still hoping to audition for BeForU someday.”


Jill Mae


California 🇺🇸
Fall ’18 – Rank 8 Paranoia Ladies
Rival code: 5144-8860
Twitter: @Dammit_jill

“Mediocre at Pump, DDR and freestyle for both. Always aiming to suck less.”




New Jersey 🇺🇸
Spring ’18 – Rank 9 Paranoia Ladies
Fall ’18 – Rank 23 Ladymion
Rival code: 4128-9925
Twitter: @aminuteawayx

“Has a penchant for Japanese-related things. Loves pizza, survives on coffee. Participates in each Valkyrie Dimension Tournament for maximum 3 days. Started playing DDR in 2002 and still boasts bad FA.”


Emily C.


New York 🇺🇸
Spring ’18 – Rank 11
Fall ’18 – Rank 12
Rival code: 4128-9925
Twitter: @emilycxww

“Keep pushing!”


Sabrina P.


Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦
Spring ’18 – Rank 15
Fall ’18 – Rank 19
Rival code: 5146-7087
Twitter: @geekysquirtle

“Played DDR Disney mix on the PS1 when I was 4 and feel in love with music games ever since!
Aside from music games I like Nintendo, computer science, and bunnies”


Rachel C.

Paranoia Lady

Rhode Island 🇺🇸
Fall ’18 – Rank 15
Rival code: 5152-4600
Twitter: @rachelleigh117

“PIU and DDR player. Cosplayer and gamer. Nursing major and Japanese minor.”



Kind Lady

Dallas, TX 🇺🇸
Fall ’18 – Rank 3
Rival code: 5144 7050
Twitter: @PsychoFizz

“I am a twitch streaming, home-schooling, coffee drinking, DDR playing, Insomiac”


Jennifer Portugues

Paranoia Lady

Staten Island, NY 🇺🇸
Spring ’18 – Kind Ladies 1st Place
Fall ’18 – Paranoia Ladies Rank 16
Rival code: 5144-7050
Twitter: @Digi0127

“Been playing DDR since 2003 and trying to be the best I can be with all rhythm games.”


Malia L.

Paranoia Lady

Greensboro, NC 🇺🇸
Spring ’18 – Rank 6 Paranoia Ladies
Fall ’18 – Paranoia Ladies 1st Place
Rival code: 5144-7050

“Hello! My name is Malia! I’m a physician assistant in Internal Medicine/Family Medicine/Primary Care by day, focusing on serving the underserved Hispanic population in my area. I’m also a Japanese language student at my local university. By night, I’m an avid gamer! I’ve been playing DDR since 2002. My first mix was DDRMAX 2, and the first song I ever played was Destiny. DDR is my absolute favorite form of cardiovascular fitness! When I’m not playing DDR, some of my other pastimes include traveling, shopping, dancing, running, exercising, hanging out with friends, visiting family, and playing with my dog!”



Kind Lady

Nashville, TN 🇺🇸
Spring ’18 – Rank 3
Fall ’18 – Rank 6
Rival code: 5141-2375

“Just an old lady who love stomping arrows.”


Nicole G.

Kind Lady

Southern California 🇺🇸
Spring ’18 – Rank 7
Fall ’18 – Rank 13
Rival code: 5151-2695

“solo/doubles/freestyle – I love rhythm games, and rather than unintentionally intimidate other arcade goers into never playing, I want to play to share the joy and fun I get from playing, and encourage others to play too.”


Sydney M.

Kind Lady

Irvine, CA 🇺🇸
Fall ’18 – Rank 3
Rival code: 5145-7751

“I played a little bit of DDR when I was a lot younger, but I only played “Butterfly” and “Golden Sky”. I started being serious about playing more DDR when Ace came around, so I guess I can say that I’ve been playing regularly for about 2 years now. I love streams, but slow downs are my worst enemy.”


Mandy R.

Kind Lady

Orlando, FL 🇺🇸
Fall ’18 – Rank 20
Rival code: 5142-1984

“Hiya! I’m Mandy and I’ve been in the Bemani community since 2000. The very first mix I played was 4th. As soon as I started playing I was hooked. Through the Bemani community I’ve made life long friends from all over the world. The rest is just history.”


Pattianne Stone

Kind Lady

Boston, MA 🇺🇸
Fall ’18 – Rank 12
Rival code: 5151-9786

“I entered the music game community in 2011, and became a competitive player in 2017! I’m still searching for the MA window, so if someone finds it, please let me know!”